Where do you ship?

We ship throughout the Midwest area. Give us a call at Ozark Stoneyard to get the natural stone you need.

Where are you located?

We are located in Laurie Missouri.

What products do you offer?

WE OFFER THE BEST LIMESTONE RETAINING WALL BLOCKS, GUARANTEED! OUR PREMIUM LINESTONES! 9” Tall mix (18-24” wide x 2-6’ long 300lbs-1500lbs. Skinnies 14” tall (14-18” wide x 3′-5’ long) 300lbs-800lbs. SMALL 14″ mix (16″-24″ wide x 3′-7′ long)800lbs-1500lbs MEDIUM 14″ mix (20″-30″ wide x 3′-7’long)1000lbs-2000lbs 18” Tall mix (18”-24” wide x 3-6’ long) 1ooolbs- 2500lbs. 24″ Tall mix (18″-24″ wide x 4-6′ long) 1800lbs- 3000lbs. SAWN TOPS and BOTTOMS, LIMESTONE! 9” Tall sawn (18” wide x 2-6 ft long) 300lbs- 1500lbs. 14” Tall sawn (18” wide x 3-9ft long) 1000lbs- 2000lbs. 18” Tall sawn (18” wide x 3-6ft long) 1000lbs- 2000lbs.

How much can I order?

Our shipping capacity allows for 24-ton loads of natural stone per tractor-trailer trip. This translates to approximately 150 linear feet or 175-200 face feet of material.

What is your product used for?

The primary application of our natural stone revolves around retaining wall blocks. As per data from the U.S. Geological Survey, over 90% of the limestone extracted in the United States serves construction purposes. Feel free to contact us to explore the array of choices we offer.